Nutrition Bar Co-Packing

Clean Copack’s recipe scaling and co-packing solutions can address a range of needs like meeting certification qualifications, offering flexibility for growing and established brands, and producing delicious and healthy protein snacks and energy bars for your customers.

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Our co-packing services provide growing businesses and established brands with a trusted partner in developing their nutrition bar or protein products. Trust our SQF Edition 8 certified facility and experienced team to co-pack your proprietary cookie, granola, energy bar or protein snack formula.

  • Our Specialties:

    We specialize in gluten-free, plant-based foods made from ethically sourced ingredients including energy bars, cookies, granola, human-grade vegetarian pet treats, and other healthy protein products.
  • Minimum Production:

    We require a minimum of 600,000 individual units annually, and 30,000 units per SKU per order.
  • Our Facility & Equipment:

    Our brand new facility and recently upgraded equipment offer our customers an exceptionally clean, well-equipped solution that provides automated bar processing with improved safety and sanitation, enhanced quality, and increased efficiency. In July 2020, we invested in a new USA-made slab line, an Italian mixing system, Japanese quality control equipment, and German packaging technology. These purchases are a move to expand and improve on our custom bar and manufacturing capabilities.

Recipe Scaling

Our research and development team has the expertise to scale your healthy formula for your nutrition bar or protein snack.

  • Our Process:

    Our collaborative and innovative team will use their expertise to scale your product and standardize the process for efficiency and profitability. We will assess the scalability of your current formulas and processing instructions, and perform a supply chain analysis. We love getting our clients to the next level of their business by helping them grow. 

  • Ethical Sourcing: 

    We offer ingredient choices from a variety of outstanding suppliers. Our suppliers work with small farmers to achieve organic and sustainable production, while supporting their communities by paying fair market prices and funding community projects.
Recipe Formulation & Development

Consulting & Certifications

Our consulting and certification services can help your nutrition bar business grow and comply with tough certification regulations to coincide with today’s most popular diets. 

  • Consulting Services:

    Once your formula is finalized, we will guide you through the process of applying for certifications, from filling out and submitting the paperwork, to ingredient documentation, to confirming your product packaging is in accordance with any licensing agreements.
  • Our Certifications:

    Clean Copack actively maintains multiple certifications including certified gluten-free, non-GMO, USDA organic, and kosher. We can help you apply and adhere to these certifications, too. Learn more about our certifications and capabilities, here. 
Consulting & Certifications

Onsite Product Testing

We provide our customers with a clean and efficient facility to perform prototyping of their nutrition bar. 

  • Rent Our Facility:

    Rent our facility for prototyping to help determine which bar processing technology will work best with your formulations, whether the product concept will meet customer needs, or whether customers will prefer it over the competitive alternatives. We would love to aid you in moving the product development process forward.
  • Our Equipment:

    We upgraded our equipment in 2020 to provide our customers a clean and well-equipped solution for the prototyping needs. Clean Copack can provide an automated bar processing facility with improved safety and sanitation, enhanced quality, and increased efficiency.
Onsite Product Testing

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