5 FAQs About Nutrition Bar Co-Packing Answered


5 FAQs About Nutrition Bar Co-Packing Answered 5 FAQs About Nutrition Bar Co-Packing Answered

Many fast growing nutrition bar brands come to a point in their growth where they need to partner with a co-packer to continue achieving their business goals. This transition can be a big step, and deserves the time and commitment to researching potential co-packers and what the process involves.

To help make the transition easier, here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions about nutrition bar co-packing and the answers your company needs to confidently move forward with the best decision for your business.

1. How do I know if I should work with a co-packer?

Working with a co-packer is a big step for production. An established nutrition bar co-packer can offer many advantages such as scalability and expertise and ready to go certifications and licenses. Co-packers are experts in production and logistics and can partner with you to respond to a number of needs. Whether the need is to expand production in a hurry or a partner in long term market growth, a co-packer can offer solutions that are simple and easy without the liability of managing large infrastructure expansion.

2. Why should my company work with an experienced co-packer?

When creating any business partnership, you want to know that your company's results are being entrusted to experienced hands. An experienced and established co-packer has infrastructure already developed to scale your nutrition bar production to the levels you need. Additionally, an experienced co-packing partner already has packaging and logistics solutions to face the challenges of expansion, limiting how far your organization must extend themselves.

Perhaps more important than any other factor, an experienced co-packer has the expertise that you may not. Working with experienced partners allows your company to do what they do best, forgoing the pains of production expansion and logistics thanks to a tried and tested solution.

3. What am I responsible for when working with a co-packer?

When working with a co-packer, there are a few details that your team is responsible for. First off, know what you want out of this partnership. A good company doesn't hire employees without knowing specifically what expertise and experience they are looking for to fill the position. Go into the process knowing your company’s values, requirements, and what your end product should be. If you begin talking to co-packers knowing exactly what you need, your co-packing partner can better help you to meet those needs.

After you've chosen a co-packer and prepared, you and the co-packer will work hand in hand during the development process to establish prototypes, packaging, materials and all the other finer details of production, so be prepared to communicate with your co-packer often, and be available to answer any questions they may have.

4. Should my company use a co-packer or a private labeler?

When it's time to partner up with experts to expand production, you need to understand the difference between private labelers and co-packers.

A private labeler is a company that takes their own formulation, and puts your label on it. This is ideal for companies wishing to expand their product offering, or for companies that don't currently have a formula for the product they want to produce. A nutrition bar co-packer takes your own unique formula, and using their production capabilities, staff, and facilities, produces the product and packages it for your brand. This is perfect for a company that has a product that they are proud of already but may need some help to get it in the hands of more customers.

5. How do I get started with a co-packer?

To get started with a co-packer think about what your needs are. Make sure you understand your product, budget, values, and timeline. Knowing your specific needs and limitations will enable you to ask the right questions when choosing a nutrition bar co-packing partner.

After you've done the research, compile a list of which co-packers you’d like to reach out to, along with a list of questions to ask. Partnering with a co-packer means you’re confident that they can scale your product so you can spend your time growing your business.

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